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What do you typically do when you have a computer crisis? Pace around your office?  Fret? Cry?  Don’t worry. Now, when you have an IT issue, now you can call us, your friends at CIIBIS. We understand that every IT problem is a crisis in its own right and should be treated as such.

And that’s why we’ve created the CIIBIS Help Desk!

One call and one call only

Now when you have an IT problem, don’t even bat an eye. Pick up the phone and call this number: 780-431-0732. This is your central point of contact. Your IT and computer crisis center. (And in truth, we’ll treat your problem with the same degree of seriousness.)

Real answers, real quick

The CIIBIS Help Desk is staffed by people who not only feel your pain, but know you need more than a sympathetic ear. So they’re ready to get you real answers. Real quick.

Peace of mind

The last thing you need is more anxiety in your life. So we think you’ll appreciate knowing that when you have a question or an issue, the issue will be directed automatically to the individual within the company responsible for resolving it.

It might sound cliché to say we value our customers. But we do. Ours is a cherished relationship and one that we’ll never take lightly.

Remember, just like crisis center operators, CIIBIS Help Desk operators are here, ready to jump into action. Go ahead, put us to the test.

Help Desk Support

Help Desk Support

Our IT Help Desk works Onsite or Remotely solve your Issue.

When you have a computer or IT issue that threatens your business operations, you now have us to call. The CIIBIS Help Desk has you covered.

When you call CIIBIS Help Desk, you will get someone who will listen to your problem, and resolve it ASAP to get you back to work.

– Get real answers, real quick
– One call is all it takes
– Have peace of mind with a dedicated team

So next time you’re in trouble, don’t flounder. Call us at 780-431-0732.

Support for Your Existing Internal IT Department

Support for Your Existing Internal IT Department

Do you already have an Internal IT Department?
Expand your IT service desk by linking your IT service desk to ours
= Happy. Happy. Happy.

Supporting your internal IT support desk

Supporting your internal IT support desk


  1. Your Employees​: Employees enter their requests that are recieved by your Internal IT staff.
  2. Your Internal IT: Your IT staff retains complete control over service issues. Your IT support staff receives the request and determines if is will be serviced internally or escalated to Our Service Desk.
  3. CIIBIS IT Support Desk: Our IT Support team services the request and you or your internal IT staff are updated on status. Working together, we will provide the additional support and expertise that will complement your IT department.


Cloud Nine.
The Staff is Happy.
The Boss is Happy.
The IT Member is Happy.


Contact Us by calling 780-431-0732 to learn more about how we can help you run your department faster, with more uptime, by linking your IT service desk to ours.

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