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Yearly Workstation Cleanup

Yearly Workstation Cleanup

We offer a onsite yearly clean up.

The Yearly Workstation cleanup includes an onsite visit by CIIBIS techs where we will clean your workstations inside and out, both physically and digitally !

Dust can be harmful to your computer, it can cause over heating, which will affect performance and can even permanently damage computer hardware.  CIIBIS will make sure that each workstation is taken out of office and thoroughly cleaned and that the fans are running optimally.

CIIBIS will also make sure that drive space management isn’t being hogged by unnecessary files. CIIBIS will do a full system scan and remove any unneeded files or programs as well as doing a full system tune up which includes a hard drive check up and defragmentation.


Making sure your systems are running as best and as efficiently as they can will not only help day to day with your work load but also help future proof yourself from avoidable problems due to a neglected computer !


Call or email us and book your Yearly Workstation Cleanup today.