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We offer seamless support and customized roadmap for all your I.T. needs, greatly simplifying your experience.

CIIBIS offers an array of technical support options for your computing business environment. Whether you need an occasional helping hand or are looking for a comprehensive I.T. solution for your business, we have a package to suit your needs.  From an initial free 1 hour site assessment, consultation, proposal and estimation, through to implementation, we will work with you in a clear and concise manner to get your business running at its optimal level.

At CIIBIS, our knowledgeable staff can help with every aspect of your system. You will only need our contact information to have your technical needs managed.  From turn-key business management software to printers, networking, and hardware we’ve got you covered.

We take pride in doing it right, and know that you will appreciate having a well constructed, reliable network infrastructure.

Computer Consulting

We will help you create a Modern, Efficient office.

Call Us Today at 780-431-0732  for a Free Full IT Site Analysis / Computer Consulting.

  • CIIBIS solutions are never template solutions.
  • Each solution is a new configuration based on each client’s requirement.
  • CIIBIS proposals are not meant to be a document with a list of services and costs, but an encompassing business solution.
  • We will find a custom solution that may include  some of the following computer service and computer support:

computer services and computer consulting

Infrastructure Vendor Management Professional Services Internal IT Department Security Network Monitoring & Administration Voice Networking Telepresence Email Management & Administration Surveillance Hardware as a Service (HaaS) Digital Signage Storage & BDR Printer Management Application Subscription Help Desk

Managing your Systems and Budgetary Expectations

Managing your Systems and Budgetary Expectations

We can cater to all of your technical needs from ordering the necessary parts, building your new machines to the final onsite integration into your company’s unique network.

We integrate specialized business management systems & software such as TAM (The Agency Manager), Power Broker, Compu-Quote and The Broker’s Workstation, Symantec Backup Exec and Trend Micro for antivirus definition.

Your computer is having a crisis? Focus on Your Core Business while we manage all or parts of IT that take up your valuable time .. Move onto other tasks as we fix the problem. Have confidence that you have access to our diverse product knowledge. CIIBIS staff understands intricate back-end workings of networks, servers and applications. We are known for our willingness to offer customized infrastructure to meet any requirement while working within a budget. Today we have created cost effective solutions for our clients.

We offer supports as you need it. We can solve the problem over the phone, through remote desktop CIIBIS technical agents can provide support in real time, or on-site repairs during non-working hours. We are flexible as to ensure your technical needs are exceeded.


Support for Your Existing Internal IT Department

Support for Your Existing Internal IT Department

Do you already have an Internal IT Department?
Expand your IT service desk by linking your IT service desk to ours
= Happy. Happy. Happy.

Supporting your internal IT support desk

Supporting your internal IT support desk


  1. Your Employees​: Employees enter their requests that are recieved by your Internal IT staff.
  2. Your Internal IT: Your IT staff retains complete control over service issues. Your IT support staff receives the request and determines if is will be serviced internally or escalated to Our Service Desk.
  3. CIIBIS IT Support Desk: Our IT Support team services the request and you or your internal IT staff are updated on status. Working together, we will provide the additional support and expertise that will complement your IT department.


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Contact Us by calling 780-431-0732 to learn more about how we can help you run your department faster, with more uptime, by linking your IT service desk to ours.

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Yearly Workstation Cleanup

Yearly Workstation Cleanup

We offer a onsite yearly clean up.

The Yearly Workstation cleanup includes an onsite visit by CIIBIS techs where we will clean your workstations inside and out, both physically and digitally !

Dust can be harmful to your computer, it can cause over heating, which will affect performance and can even permanently damage computer hardware.  CIIBIS will make sure that each workstation is taken out of office and thoroughly cleaned and that the fans are running optimally.

CIIBIS will also make sure that drive space management isn’t being hogged by unnecessary files. CIIBIS will do a full system scan and remove any unneeded files or programs as well as doing a full system tune up which includes a hard drive check up and defragmentation.


Making sure your systems are running as best and as efficiently as they can will not only help day to day with your work load but also help future proof yourself from avoidable problems due to a neglected computer !


Call or email us and book your Yearly Workstation Cleanup today.