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Security & Privacy a concern?

Stop The Menial Task Of Deleting Unwanted Email.
SpamAssassin is the filter that works for you. Behind the scenes CIIBIS will catch spam mail before reaches you. Spam clean-up will be a task of the past.

Stop The Virus Before It Shuts Your Productivity Down.
We are protection against Virus attacks through McAfee antivirus engine. real-time incoming/outgoing email scanning solution. The proactive approach to workstation productivity. 

Stop Paying For Unused Resources.
Administration to ensure streamlining and up to date email activity. Forgot to have an account removed? We will notify you of email account inactivity to ensure you are only paying for what you need.

email multi mailbox:-pop-IMap-pwd-acap-ldap-tls-S/Mime
DNS hosting services may be required

Domain Name Services & Management
Central administration.

We are the host and registration personnel under one roof.

Tracking personnel.
Receive up to date domain management and maintenance.
Domain name purchasing.
Domain renewal notification ensures you will always own your domain name.
Monitoring, Retrieval and Notification regarding the domain name that you want

Secure. Industry Standardized.

All information passed through CIIBIS servers are considered highly confidential by CIIBIS. CIIBIS will contain all information received and not distribute information third party personnel.
Hands on data, network and server monitoring.
128 bit encryption
SSL management

Innovative Service.
Excelling at innovative solutions for unique problems that other hosting companies decline.

Unfortunately, most hosting companies run on a template process that may require you to change the infrastructure of your online strategy to fit the way they do business. Luckily, CIIBIS holds onto its philosophy of remaining flexible and innovative, challenging the competition, by finding a strategy that fits our unique customer base. We intend to eliminate hurdles that other host companies may create for your online plan. We are here to make your marketing work the way you intended. We will bend so your plan won’t have to. No Limits.