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We look after your valuable assets

We look after your valuable assets

Operating system vulnerabilities and bugs are continually being uncovered making a server maintenance plan even more important.

Systems and servers can appear to running smoothly until an unexpected vulnerability affects the server due to a lack of maintenance. The severity of the vulnerability can vary.  The result could be very minor or it can, in some cases, require an entire system rebuild and cause lost data and hours to days of downtime. In realizing the importance of continuous proactive server maintenance you are one step closer to minimizing downtime.

Software companies such as Microsoft® software and Trend Micro™ have identified and published hot fixes for thousands of system vulnerabilities in the past few years. With the number of vulnerabilities, companies need an effective way to identify and secure their network servers. Systems are only exposed to compromises when they are not proactively maintained.  Making sure the regular deployment of security related releases is considered one of the key elements in protecting your company’s information.

Let us help you maximize your systems up-time; while you focus on your core business.